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POKER: Its Origin And Legality In India

It is one of the most popular and common question these days, what is the fuss about poker?

While many of you have heard about the game, some people from between us aren’t aware that poker is a sort of card game. It is usually played in Casinos and homes across the Globe. It is a kind of the wager game ‘people try to win 5 card poker hand basically from a deck of 52 cards. People believe it is a game of grand strategy and, of course, good luck. If we talk about the objectives of playing poker, they are capturing the plot and winning the money.

This game is entirely about convincing the opponent player that one holds the strong cards, so that that opponent can abandon his hands, accepting his defeat. When to set free hand is as essential as being acquainted with when to bet. The best combination is five cards in most poker games.

POKER: Its Origin And Legality In India

Origin of poker game

The game we understand as poker is believed to have ancient roots that go back nearly 1000 years, crossing several continents and cultures. Few historians say that its origin is traced from domino-card recreation played by the Chinese in around the 10th century. The closest predecessor of poker, European came to be known as Pogue, was caught in France in around the seventeenth century. From there, the poker game spread up by the Mississippi River, and throughout the United States, its reputation started growing amongst the crews of riverboats and transporting goods via waterways. This game especially became popular among the soldiers during the Civil War the North and South regions. As time passed, this game turned into video games among the poker players, along with the five cards draw- Texas Hold’em, which started its upward push to dominance within the Seventies. At the same time it became the featured recreation within the World Series of Poker, the top annual competition of the game.

In a few countries like China and Russia, playing internet poker is against the law. While in other countries like South Korea, it is levied by the Government.

The system of licensing regulates some countries like Canada and New Zealand. It means that before one is into these games, he must be licensed by the government before they get money for gambling services.

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